Monday, August 29, 2011

Reminder about Friday School

Just a reminder that this Friday, September 2nd, is our first 1:30 dismissal and thus our first Friday School.  Students that are missing assignments will be required to stay until 3:20 on Friday.  If your student is missing work, he/she will be asked to call their parents on Thursday, September 1st, so that you know they will be required to stay.  Friday School is new this year and it is designed to make sure that our students at CMS are caught up on their work.  Work that is completed in Friday School will receive 75% credit and skipping Friday School will result in a zero on their missing work (unless arrangements are made between the parents and the school).  We are not doing In-School Suspension for academics this year, so in effect Friday School is replacing ISS.  If you are unsure if your student is missing work, please check the Infinite Campus Portal or contact the school.

It is my hope that we will not have any students at Friday School because everyone is caught up on their work :-) .  Let's work together to ensure that your middle school student is keeping up with their assignments.

Thank you.

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