Monday, November 14, 2011

CMS Honors Veterans

Students at CMS Honor Veterans on 11/11/11

8th grade students from Mrs. Kaus' 4th period social studies class paid tribute to our nations veterans on Veteran's Day last Friday.  The students did a wonderful job of putting together the program and playing the role of Masters of Ceremony.  The keynote speaker was Sgt. First Class Shawn Banzaff of the United States Army National Guard and his message highlighted the need to continue to honor and respect our Nation's veterans as well as those who are currently serving in the armed forces.  He also talked about the humility that veterans display when they come back from war.

One especially touching moment was when the students paid tribute to the veterans of World War II.  Sgt. Banzaff said, "..these men and women are just mom, dad, grandma and grandpa to us, but they saved the world."  The Department of Veteran's Affairs estimates that 1,100 WWII veterans die every day and they take with them the living history of the war.  It is crucial that we learn and record this history for the sake of posterity.

Thank you to Mrs. Kaus and her 4th period class for all of the hard work that they put into the Veteran's Day program; they did a fantastic job!  Thank you to Sgt. Banzhaff for his excellent keynote address.  And, especially, thank you to all of our Nation's veterans for their service and sacrifice.

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