Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 Conservation Day

On Tuesday, April 24, the Chadron Middle School 5th graders enjoyed participating in many activities during the 9th Annual Upper Niobrara White Natural Resource District Conservation Day. 

The students learned about how to conserve water and how harmful pollutants can be to our water supply. They created an edible aquifer and enjoyed the fun snack. The other stations dedicated time to teaching students about how to use a GPS, how birds feed their young, noxious weeds, and different types of soil. The water rockets station was a hit. By experimenting with levels of water in a pop bottle, students created their own water rockets and competed against their peers to see whose rocket traveled the farthest. This station also gave the students a chance to cool down by getting sprayed with water!  

The 5th graders want to thank the Upper Niobrara White NRD and all of the presenters for providing such a fun, educational day!

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