Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School Bus Safety Press Release

 RE: School Bus safety

The Chadron Police Department has received a number of recent complaints of motorist who are passing and or overtaking school buses incorrectly; in and around Chadron.  As we all know, these school buses are carrying Chadron’s most prized possessions, so their safety and security is extraordinarily vital to the department and we would like to issue all motorists this friendly reminder. 

Upon meeting or overtaking, from the front or rear, any school bus on which the yellow warning signal lights are flashing, the driver of a motor vehicle shall reduce the speed of such vehicle to not more than twenty-five miles per hour, shall also bring such vehicle to a COMPLETE STOP when the school bus is stopped, the stop signal arm is extended, and the flashing red signal lights are turned on, and SHALL REMAIN STOPPED until the flashing red signal lights are turned off, the stop signal arm is retracted, and the school bus resumes motion. Any person found violating this statute can be found guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor and fined up to five hundred dollars as well as assessed points on his or her motor vehicle operator's license.

Please remember to watch out for our children, drive safely and give our children a brake by stopping for school buses when the stop arm is extended.
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Contact Person; School Resource Officer Aron Chrisman 205, 308-432-0510  

OFFICE  308.432.0510  308.432.0511       FAX  308.432.0513

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