Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New CMS Homework Folders - What Parents Need to Know

Dear Parents,

Homework completion is something that many students struggle with, especially in middle school.  There are a myriad of reasons for this (increased social life, athletics, extra curricular commitments and simply more homework).  The intent of Friday School is to give students an opportunity to make up their missing assignments, but we have found that the amount of time between 1:30 dismissals does not give students enough opportunity to make up work, especially in the months when there is only one 1:30 dismissal.  Therefore, we have instituted a this three tiered system that is intended to help students become more organized, keep parents informed about the work that their students are assigned, and hold students accountable for completing their homework assignments.

Below, you will find information about the homework folders that each student will have and need to bring home every night for you to sign off on.  You will also find the three tiered approach that the school will use when students do not complete their homework.  I am confident that with your help we will be able to help our students improve their homework completion and ultimately relieve some of the stress that comes when students have missing assignments.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Homework Folders:
  •  First period teachers collect completed homework sheets on the first day of the school wee
  •  First period teachers give students weekly sheet on the first day of the school week.
  • Students will fill out their planner at the end of every class period – they must show that it is complete before they leave the classroom.
  • Parents should ask to see their student’s homework folder and sign off om the homework sheet that they have seen the homework assignment sheet every night.
  • First period teachers make contact with parents on Monday when the sheets are collected if the sheets is not signed.
  • Students use this sheet as their admit slip when they are absent from school
Failure to Complete Homework

Step One: Guided Study Hall (G.S.H.)

  • Will take place during lunch recess, before school, and after school
  • Teachers will inform students when they need to attend G.S.H. and arrange a time for the student to come into their classroom to work.
  • Teachers will mark the students that must attend G.S.H. on the Friday School Spreadsheet.
  •  Teachers should check the list and make arrangements with each other in the event that the  student is missing work in more than one class
  • Failure to attend to G.S.H. will result in an offense
  • Teachers will notify parents when a student receives a 1st and 2nd offense
  • Teachers should remove students from list when they complete the missing work.
Step Two: Office Referral

  • Students who receive a second offense for not attending G.S.H. will be referred to the office via Infinite Campus.
  • The principal will meet with the student and inform the student that must attend GHS.
  • The student will call their parent to inform them that they are behind
  • Students will stay in GHS everyday until their homework is completed.
  •  Once the work is completed the teacher will take the students name off of the Friday School Spreadsheet.
  • Teachers will give students a 3rd offense if they do not attend GHS.
  • Teachers will notify the office via Infinite Campus and the student will be assigned to one day of ISS for violation of the school’s homework policy.
  • The principal will notify the parents that the student will be in ISS
Step Three: Friday School

  • Friday School will be assigned to students that have not completed their homework during G.S.H. or ISS.
  • Friday School will operate from 1:30 – 3:20 on early dismissal days.
  • Failure to complete missing work during Friday School will result in the student receiving a zero on the assignment.
Reward System: Drop Homework and Drop Test Tickets

  •  Students that are not referred to Friday School or ISS for missing work for an entire month will receive a drop homework ticket.
  • Students that are not referred to Friday School or ISS for missing work for an entire quarter will receive a drop test ticket.

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