Friday, January 17, 2014

Poetic Power

Thirty-three 8th grade students in Mrs. Waugh's 8th grade English class have been accepted to have their work published in an anthology by  Congratulation to: Megan S., Ron B., Coy, B., Sarah B., Zach C., Kat D., Dana D., Magdalene E., Pamela F., Kylee G., Teresa G., Hunter H., Ricki H., Caleb H., Beau J., Drew J., Hannah K., Carah K., MiaKayla K., Taya L., Cody M., Joseph M., Mumbi S., Aubree N., Martin P., Renee R., Sam R., Brooklyn S., Mark T., Clayton V., Nate W., Jodi W., and Nick W. 
Back Row: Martin, Sam, Nick, Mark, Nate, Joe, Cody, Clayton
Front Row: Renee, Mumbi, Taya, Brooklyn, Aubree,Jodi, MiaKayla

Back Row: Coy, Drew, Beau, Ron, Hunter, Caleb, Zach
Front Row: Kat, Sarah, Teresa, Kylee, Dana, Hannah, Rikki

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