Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CMS Student Council Gives Back

The Chadron Middle School Student Council surprised Mr. Dressel and the five NHD qualifiers when they announced that they were going to donate $1000 to the CMS Playground Project and $500 ($100 for each qualifier) to the NHD students to help with expenses on their trip to Washington D.C..  When asked about the donations, Mr. Dressel said, "It really shows how invested our student council is in improving the school and supporting CMS activities." Mr. Wollesen, CMS Student Council sponsor said, "The student council voted to decide on how to use some of the money that they earned this year.  In the future, the student council plans to use money to purchase other needs that the school has."

In addition to the donations, the CMS Student Council purchased a new sound system that will be used at all future dances.  The purchase was for professional grade DJ equipment that included: speakers, amplifier, mixing board, and a light bar.  "This purchase leaves an outstanding legacy for this group of student council members", said Mr. Dressel when asked about the equipment. The DJ equipment will save the student council thousands of dollars in the long run because it costs between $300 and $500 for a DJ.  CMS hosts two dances each year, so the equipment will pay for itself by the time the spring dance rolls around next year.

The CMS Student Council raises money every year by operating the concession stands at middle school home athletic contests during the basketball, volleyball, and track seasons.  Next year, Mr. Wollesen said that he hopes to expand the concessions to CHS JV athletic events.  "This group of kids has worked really hard this year to raise money."  Mr. Dressel said, "I would especially like to thank Mr. Wollesen and Ms. Smith for all of the time that they have taken to support and supervise the student council."

The student council will be recognized at the beginning of the Walk-A-Thon on May 6th.  Mr. Dressel will announce all of the outstanding things that the CMS Student Council did this year and publicly thank them for their outstanding service.

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