Tuesday, December 20, 2016

18 Students Selected to be Published!

18 students have been selected to be published in the prestigious annual student anthology, Award-Winning Young Writers of America – 2016-2017!  

Last month, three class sections of 7/8th graders did a poetry composition project in Ms. Smith's Language Arts class. They entered their best poems in the Young Writers of America Student Poetry Contest, a free, annual, nation-wide competition. 

The panel of educators reviewed thousands of submissions entered in the 2016-2017 Young Writers of America Student Poetry Contest. Less than 20% of total entries were selected for publication!

Students selected are...

8th grade:
  1. Josh Ferneau
  2. Samantha Johns
  3. Hanna Meier
  4. Maddi Pelton
  5. Kadence Wild
  6. Emma Cogdill
  7. Katelyn Deihl
  8. Raena Webster
  9. Kennedy Trueblood
  10. James Watak
  11. Hannah Weggesser
  12. Elizabeth Harrison

7th Grade:
  1. Cassie Nesheim
  2. Macey Daniels
  3. Brinnley Hudson
  4. Kristin Rasmussen
  5. Kaylee Hughes
  6. Claire Fox

These students received a “Congratulations Letter & Envelope”, and letters have been distributed for students to bring home to their parents explaining details. For more information, or to order a copy of the book, please visit https://www.youngwriterscontest.com

Congratulations, kids! 

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