Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time to celebrate!!!! NeSA test scores are in and once again our students scored very well on their NeSA Reading and Math tests.  I want to congratulate our teachers for their excellent work in preparing our students, our students parents for their outstanding support, and our students for their effort on these important exams.  On Friday, September 2nd, we will dismiss students to the gym at 1:15 to celebrate our students success as a school community.  I will lead a little pep rally and then students will receive a treat on their way out.  Parents, please join in our celebration if your schedule permits : )

Monday, August 29, 2011

Reminder about Friday School

Just a reminder that this Friday, September 2nd, is our first 1:30 dismissal and thus our first Friday School.  Students that are missing assignments will be required to stay until 3:20 on Friday.  If your student is missing work, he/she will be asked to call their parents on Thursday, September 1st, so that you know they will be required to stay.  Friday School is new this year and it is designed to make sure that our students at CMS are caught up on their work.  Work that is completed in Friday School will receive 75% credit and skipping Friday School will result in a zero on their missing work (unless arrangements are made between the parents and the school).  We are not doing In-School Suspension for academics this year, so in effect Friday School is replacing ISS.  If you are unsure if your student is missing work, please check the Infinite Campus Portal or contact the school.

It is my hope that we will not have any students at Friday School because everyone is caught up on their work :-) .  Let's work together to ensure that your middle school student is keeping up with their assignments.

Thank you.

Week 2 Reflections

The second week of school was our first full week of school and I think that our students were pretty tired by the end of the day on Friday.  Just like in school, establishing routines at home is extremely important.  Establishing routines at home will help make your student's transition back to school smoother and ensure that they are ready for a full day of learning when they are in school.

Overall, I think that the second week of school went pretty well.  Students are beginning to settle into their new class schedules, learning classroom routines, and our 5th graders and new students are starting to get the hang of their combination locks.  One thing that many students, especially in the 5th grade, are still struggling with is their lunch number.  It is crucial that students learn their four digit lunch number because it will help make the lunch line move more efficiently.  As you may know, lunch is forty-minutes this year and when students don't know their lunch number the line moves slowly and it cuts into their recess time.  I know that students value this time to go outside and play  with their friends and we want students to get their full twenty minutes of outside recess time, so please help your student learn their number.    

I want to say thank you to all of the parents who made it to open house on August 25th.  I think that the turnout was good and I really enjoyed seeing and visiting with our students/ parents.  Again, I would like to extend an open invitation to all of our students' parents to come into the school and visit anytime.  I think that too often teachers and parents only meet when there are student issues that need to be discussed, but the best way to really know about all of the great things that are going on at CMS is to come on in and see for yourself.  If you would like to observe your student "in action", please let the main office know when you plan to stop by and when you arrive drop by the office to get a visitor's pass.

Have a great week!     

Friday, August 19, 2011

Reflections on the first week of school

Well, the first week of school is in the books!  It was great to see all of the faculty and staff back in their classrooms and offices on Monday and Tuesday and I was excited to see all of our students on Wednesday.  We all survived new teachers/students, a lot of schedule changes, errant bells, new lockers and locks, and having to be awake and alert by 8:00AM.  And through all of the challenges that are involved in the first week of school, I was impressed with how flexible and patient our teachers were, how involved our students parents were, and how incredibly positive and resilient our students are.

On the first day of school we had an all school assembly, as many schools do.  But unlike many first day of school assemblies, I did not hammer down rules and regulations.  Instead, I talked to our student body about being positive, taking ownership for one's own attitude, and about taking care of each other.  I also talked to them about having big dreams, working hard to achieve those dreams, and about taking time to enjoy school, enjoy friends, and enjoy being a kid .  It's hard to tell how much of my little speech sunk in when talking to a gym full of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, but it is a positive message that kids of all ages need to hear.

I truly want to send my thanks to all of the teachers, staff, students, and parents for a great first week of school.  I would like to remind parents that we love to see you in and around the school and I am available to meet with you should you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress.  This is going to be fantastic school year and let's all work together to make it a memorable one for our students. 

Upcoming Events At Chadron Middle School - August 22nd -September 20th

Up Coming Events/Activities:
August 22nd – 7th/8th grade volleyball interest meeting for students – After School
August 23rd - 7th/8th grade volleyball practice begins
August 23rd – 7th/8th grade football interest meeting for students – After School
August 23rd – Chadron Middle School After School Program Begins
August 25th – Chadron Middle School Open House – 6:00-7:30 PM
August 29th – Football Practice Begins
September 2nd – 1:30 Dismissal
September 5th – No School – Labor Day
September 7th – School Pictures
September 16th – 1:30 Dismissal
September 19th – CMS Parent-Teacher Conferences 5-8 PM in the MS Gym
September 20th – 1:30 Dismissal – CMS Parent-Teacher Conferences 2-6 PM in the MS Gym

September 2nd – Cross Country – Gering Invite 1:00 – Bus leaves at 10:00AM
September 6th – 7th grade VB v. Hot Springs 4:30
September 6th – 8th grade VB @ Hot Springs 4:00 – Bus leaves at 2:45PM
September 8th – 7th grade VB @ Crawford 4:00 – Bus leaves at 3:00PM
September 10th - 7th grade VB @ Gering 10:00 – Bus leaves at 7:00AM
September 10th – 8th grade VB @ Sidney 9:15 – Bus leaves at 6:00AM
September 10th – Cross Country – Chadron Invite 10:00 AM
September 13th – 7th and 8th grade VB v. Alliance St. Agnes 4:00PM/5:30PM
September 17th – 7th Grade FB v. Torrington 10:00AM
September 17th – 8th Grade FB @ Torrington 10:00 AM – Bus leaves at 6:30 AM
September 17th Cross Country @ Alliance 9:00 – Bus Leaves at 7:00AM
September 17th – 7th grade/8th grade VB @ Alliance 8:30 AM – Bus leaves 7:00AM