Friday, August 24, 2012

CMS School Pictures

When is Picture Day?

CMS students will take school pictures on September 5th!  Lifetouch will do our school pictures again this year.  Please click on the Lifetouch link to order pictures online.  School picture information and ordering packets are also available in the middle school office.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2011-12 NeSA Results

(The following is submitted by CPS Curriculum Director, Maribeth Moore)

The 2011-12 school year marked the third year of NeSA (Nebraska State Accountability) tests.  In April of 2012, students in grades 3-8 and 11 across the state took the NeSA-Reading test (NeSA-R), NeSA-Math test (NeSA-M), and NeSA-Science test (NeSA-S).  The Nebraska State Board of Education set high expectations for mastery levels on these tests to ensure an emphasis on growth.
  • Seventy-four percent of students statewide met or exceeded standards in Reading. 
  • At the district level (7 grades) in Reading seventy-seven percent of students met or exceeded standards.  
  • Sixty-seven percent of students statewide met or exceeded math standards. 
  • At the district level in Math eighty-two percent of students in Chadron met or exceeded standards.
  • Sixty-seven percent of students statewide met or exceeded standards in Science. 
  • At the district level (3 grades) in Science seventy-seven percent of students met or exceeded standards.  

 Percentages vary somewhat from grade level to grade level for both district and state results.
Our district has another reason to celebrate our students and staff! Chadron Schools are extremely proud of our accomplishments (given changes to Rural, Elementary and Middle Schools consolidating and reconfiguring by grade level, staff and student reassignments prior to the 2011-12 school  year) as should students, parents, grandparents, and community members.  What an exciting time!  

Attached you will find an individual report that explains your child’s performance on NeSA-R ,  NeSA-M, and grades 5,8 and 11 NeSA-S.  Student’s scores are classified in three levels:  Exceeds Standards, Meets Standards, and Below Standards.  The report also provides a breakdown of individual student performance in the areas of vocabulary and reading comprehension with comparison of individual student scores to both district and state average.  The math performance area is also broken down into numeration, data, algebra, and geometry.  The science performance area is divided into inquiry, physical, life, earth, and space science.

A variety of factors influence student scores and no single test is ever an adequate measure of student progress.  This information does, however, help us identify areas of academic strength, as well as areas that may require additional attention in the curriculum.  The Chadron staff is committed to assuring high levels of learning for all students and will use NeSA results in combination with other information to continuously improve our instruction.

Scores may change from year to year for a variety of reasons.  Students who work hard in school, attend regularly and read during free time typically show overall improvement as they progress through the years.  It is also important to remember these tests do not measure many essential life skills.  The tests do not measure traits such as work ethic, verbal communication skills, positive attitude or social skills.  Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Chadron Public Schools and be sure to congratulate your son or daughter on their efforts!

Click CPS NeSA Scores to view the NeSA results by grade level.


It's Showtime!

What a great frist week of school!  Our staff and students have come back from summer break reenergized and focused on the work that we have ahead.  I've been so pleased with the positive atmosphere at the middle school this year and I'm looking forward to a positive and productive school year.  Over the last week I've walked through over 20 classrooms and I've observed respectful and engaged learning, which tells me that our students have come back to school ready and eager to learn!

At the all-school assembly that we had on the first day of school I talked to students about "Showtime".  I explained that summer break is a time for rest and relaxation, but now that we are back in school it is Showtime and we are all on center stage.  Showtime means that we are on our game.  It means that we strive to do our very best everyday, which means that we are on time, prepared, engaged, and ready to learn.

I also talked about the CMS mantra - Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Do Your Best.  Pretty much everything that happens in school falls under one of these categories, but the key to a positive school climate is respect.  Students need to take care of each other and treat their classmates with respect.  I encouraged students to stay focused and to be a positive force in the school.  But most importantly, students must respect themselves.  All respect begins with self respect and taking care of ones physical and emotional self. I explained that all of the adults in the school are here to help them do that and I encouraged our students talk to an adult if they are having problems so that we can help them work towards a solution.

Last year the middle school focused on the 40 Developmental Assets and we will continue to build on that this year.  In addition to the assets, we are going to focus on helping students find and develop their "spark" - that thing that students are passionate about and ignites excitement in their lives.  For some students it is athletics or music and for others it may be art or friendships.  Whatever the spark may be, we hope to encourage students to pursue and develop their spark at school and we hope to encourage parents to do the same a home.

I look forward to working with all our students and our students parents this year.  I encouraged our students to get involved in extra curricular activities and I would like to encourage our students' parents to do the same.  Beginning in September, CMS will host a monthly Parent meeting and I'm looking forward to a great turn out.  These meetings are a time for me to inform parents about what is going on in the school, educate parents on important topics like digital citizenship, digital reputation, and talking to students about their spark.  It is also a time for parents to ask questions about the school and to give input into how we can improve - we want to get better!  

Finally, I want to thank all of our students' parents for the many ways that they support their students and the school.  Great education does not happen in a vacuum and it is not confined to the walls of the school building.  It is a team effort and I believe that we have an outstanding team in Chadron!

It's Showtime!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


AUGSUT 17th – AUGUST 31st

August 17th
Super Mexican Potatoes
Grilled Chicken Sandwich

August 20th
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Lasagna w/ Breadstick
California Vegetable Blen

August 21st
Chicken Nuggets
Cheeseburger w/ bun
Glazed Carrots

August 22nd
Sloppy Joe w/ bun
Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Corn and Cookie

August 23rd
Mini Corn Dogs
French Dip w/ Au jus’
California Blend Vegetables

August 24th
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce w/ Whole Wheat Breadstick
Turkey and Cheese Sub
w/ Chips

August 27th
Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Soup
Hamburger Potato Casserole

August 28th
Super Beef Nachos
Chicken Quesadilla
Seasoned Black Beans

August 29th
Macaroni and Cheese
Breaded Chicken Sandwich
Peas and Sherbet

August 30th
Bean and Cheese Burrito w/ Spanish Rice
Cheeseburger w/ Bun
French Fries

August 31st
Italian Dunker w/ Meat Sauce
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Green Beans

7th and 8th Grade Fall Sports Meetings

7th and 8th grade volleyball and football coaches will hold fall sports interest meetings on Monday, August 20th after school. Students interested in volleyball will meet in the gym and football will meet on the HS football field bleachers.

All 7th or 8th graders that wish to participate should attend this meeting.  Parents do not need to attend, but they are always welcome.

CMS 2012 Fall Sports Transportation Schedule

2012 – 2013 Chadron Middle School
Fall Sports Transportation Schedule

7th & 8th Volleyball

Day     Date                Grade/Opponent           Dismiss           Depart        Game time      
Sat.      Sept.  8     7th Scottsbluff  Invite                                     7:00 am          10:00 am

Sat.      Sept.  8     8th Sidney  Invite                                           7:00 am           10:45 am

Tues.   Sept. 11    7/8 Alliance St. Agnes            2:00pm           2:15 pm          4:00 pm          

Sat.      Sept. 15    7/8 Alliance Tourney                                      6:30 am           8:30 am

Thurs. Sept. 27    7/8 Gord/@Rush.                    2:32 pm           2:45 pm           4:30 pm

Sat.      Sept. 29    7/8 Torrington Invite                                       6:00 am            9:00 am

Mon.   Oct.  1      7th Alliance                             2:00 pm            2:15 pm             4:00 pm

                                                                         7th & 8th Football

Day     Date                Grade/Opponent             Dismiss             Depart          Game time   

Sat.      Sept. 15           8th Torrington                                               6:30 am          10:00 am

Sat.      Sept. 29           7/8  Hot Springs                                            7:00 am            9:00 am

Tues.   Oct.    2           7th Alliance                          1:30 pm             1:45 pm           4:00 pm

Sat.       Oct.  13          7/8 Gord/@Rush.                                           7:30 am             9:00 am

7th and 8th Grade Cross Country

Day        Date                Opponent                            Dismiss              Depart         Meet Time

Fri.          8/31                 Gering Invite                      9:45 a.m.            10:00 a.m     1:00 p.m.

Sat.         9/15                  Alliance Invite                                                  7:00 a.m.    9:00 a.m.

Thurs.    9/20                  Gord/Rush Invite              1:35 p.m.               1:45 p.m.    4:00 p.m.

Sat.         9/29                 Western Conf. @ Sidney                                  6:00 a.m.     9:00 a.m.

Thurs.   10/4                   Sidney Invite                    10:45 a.m.              11:00 a.m.    3:00 p.m.

Monday, August 13, 2012

CMS Grab-and-Go Breakfast

Chadron Middle School will offer students a Grab-and-Go breakfast starting on August 16th.  Students will be able to get a quick breakfast that will include menu items like fruit, granola bars, trail mix, juice, milk, etc. from 7:45am to 7:55am.

Breakfast will be served in room 103, which is located on the first floor across from the band room.  Students are expected to enter the building at the north door, grab their breakfast, and exit the building on the east side of the building near the gym. Students that choose to have a Grab and Go breakfast will be charged the standard school breakfast amount from their school lunch account ($1.50, $.30 for reduced price, and no charge for those who qualify for free lunches).  Students can still take part in the hot breakfast program at the Primary School from 7:30-7:50.  

I would like to remind students to please deposit their trash in the trash cans that are located on the playground.  This is a great opportunity for our students and I hope that they take advantage of this new service.

Community Meeting on Tuesday, August 14th

Community meeting on Tuesday night featuring an overview of SPARKS (how to have meaningful conversations with young people to "spark" their interest).  

The meeting is open to everyone that works with young people including parents, grandparents, 4-H leaders, church youth leaders, boy & girl scouts, etc.  

The meeting will be at 7 PM Tuesday night, August 14th, in the High School Auditorium.  We hope to see you there!

Monday, August 6, 2012

2012-13 CPS District Calendar

Here is the link to the for the  2012-13 CPS District Calendar.  Please note that September Parent-Teacher Conferences for Chadron Middle School has been changed to September 20th from 5:00-8:30 p.m. in the MS Gym.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Fall Sports 2012-2013

7th Grade FOOTBALL

Sept.15   Torrington              Home      10:00 AM
Sept.29    Hot Springs             Away         9:00 AM
Oct. 02    Alliance                   Away         4:00 PM                     
Oct. 13    Gord/Rush.              Away         9:00 AM
Oct. 20    Mitchell                  Home         9:00 AM
Coach:  Jens Johnson       

8th Grade FOOTBALL

Sept.15     Torrington          Away            10:00 AM
Sept.29     Hot Springs        Away            10:30 AM
Oct. 02     Alliance             Home              4:00 PM
Oct. 13     Gord/Rush.         Away            10:30 AM
Oct. 20     Mitchell              Home           10:30 AM
Coach Curt Bach                                                   


Aug.31    Gering Invite              Away        1:00  PM
Sept. 08   Chadron Invite        Home      10:00 AM
Sept. 15   Alliance Invite            Away        9:00 AM
Sept. 20   Gordon Invite             Away        4:00 PM
Sept. 29   West. Conf. Sidney    Away        9:00 AM
Oct.  04    Sidney Invite             Away        3:00 PM
Coach Willie Uhing

  7th Grade VOLLEYBALL

Sept. 04   Hot Springs           Home          4:30 PM
Sept. 06   Crawford              Home          4:00 PM
Sept. 08   Scotts. Invite          Away           9:00 AM
Sept. 11   Alliance St.Agnes  Away          4:00 PM
Sept. 15   Alliance Tourney   Away          8:30 AM
Sept. 27   Gordon – Rush.      Away         4:00 PM
Sept. 29   Torrington Invite    Away         9:00  AM
Oct.  01   Alliance                  Away         4:00  PM
 Coach  Emily Anderson  


Sept. 04   Hot Springs          Home        6:00 PM
Sept. 08   Sidney Invite          Away        9:15 AM
Sept. 11   Alliance St. Agnes Away        5:30 AM
Sept  15  Alliance Tourney    Away        8:30  AM
Sept. 27  Gord/Rush              Away        5:30  PM
Sept. 29  Torrington              Away        9:00 AM
Oct.  01  Alliance                 Home        4:00 PM
Coach:  Natalie Prestwich