Monday, March 3, 2014

National History Day Regionals at CSC

On February 28th, over 80 students students from across the Panhandle submitted National History Day projects for judging at the regional NHD competition that was held at Chadron State College. Chadron Middle School had twenty-six students submit fifteen projects in the competition.

Group Exhibits
Katie Lewin, Alexys F. - The Orphan Train
Beau J., Drew J., Cody M., Kylee G. - Beef Quality Assurance:  From pasture to plate
Joe M., JashwaAlan C., Zayne J. - Treaty of V.:  Revenge over Rights
Jake L., Luke T. - The Great Wall of China
Claire M., Abby H. - Ida B. Wells
Mumbi M., Mia B. - "With all deliberate speed" - Implementing Brown v. Board of Education

Group Websites
Brooklyn S., Hunter H. - Brown v. Board of Education
Anabel G., Kellie W. - Mary Surratt

Individual Documentary
Evelyn M. - The Irish Potato Famine

Individual Exhibit
Alpine H. - American Indian Movement
Sam R. - The New York Draft Riots:  Rights and Responsibilities of

Renee R. - The Berlin Wall
Kat D. - The Newsboy Strike of 1899
Erin K. - The Great Depression
Aubree N. - Volunteerism:  Habitat for Humanity

Congratulations to the following students for qualifying for State NHD, which will be held on April 12th: Joe M., JashwaAlan C., Zayne J. (Treaty of Versailles), Claire M., Abby H. (Ida B. Wells), Alpine H. (A.I.M.), Sam R. (New York Draft Riots), Kat D. (Newsboy Strike of 1899), Evelyn M. (Documentary - The Irish Potato Famine), Kellie W. & Anabel G. (Website - Mary Surratt), Hunter H. & Brooklyn Stack ((Brown v. Board of Education). 

Below are just a few examples of the excellent work that these student produced.

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